Adolescent Therapy.

My approach when working with teenagers involves a collaborative effort with the family. I view the behavior of children and adolescent as a product of their personalities and temperaments, within larger family and systemic influences. As such, I think the best approach when working with issues that teenagers are facing is to involve the parent(s) so that as a unit, the family is able to cope effectively and be better able to navigate difficult times.

Often, I work with teenagers individually. In terms of development, adolescence is a time when kids start to define their sense of independence and autonomy. Because of this, they might not be willing to speak candidly in front of their parent(s) about issues they are facing. My work begins with gaining an understanding of your teen's worldview, then teaching them effective coping skills and ways to express their thoughts and feelings in healthy and helpful ways. If or when important safety concerns come up in individual therapy, I involve the family and together, we navigate difficult topics and conversations in a safe and supportive environment.

Teenagers and their families face many concerns, from problems at school, lack of motivation, and anger and defiant behaviors, to disordered eating, cutting and other forms of self-harm, and experimentation with drugs and alcohol.  I can help support your teen and family through these difficult times. Call or text me at 407-821-5923 for a free 15-minute phone consultation.