Couples Therapy.

Do you feel you and your partner are not on the same page? Do you question your relationship every time you have a misunderstanding or disagreement? Do you want to feel that you and your partner are growing a life together rather than growing apart? Do you want to feel connected again?

I can help you not only survive in your relationship, but find a place of joy, connection, and fulfillment in your life and your relationship. Your relationship can be a space for growth and exploration - as you navigate growing into the person you wish to become, while your partner does the same right alongside you. Together, you can build and maintain a strong foundation for a happy relationship. 

I am passionate about helping couples and individuals who want a healthy and happy relationship explore what is holding them back and learn effective tools to be able to grow forward together.

Invest in your relationship. Call or text me at 407-821-5923 for a free 15-minute phone consultation.