Child and Family Therapy.

I believe family to be one of the most important relationships in life. As such, my approach to working with children and adolescents typically involves the inclusion of parents and other family members that may be willing to participate. My goal when working with families is to deepen connections, improve communication, and help parents and children be better equipped to resolve conflicts.

In my work with children, I utilize play therapy to help children reveal the challenges and issues they struggle with, in a safe and playful environment. Play therapy allows children to express their thoughts and feelings in a way more natural to them. During the play therapy sessions, challenges are revealed. Then, I gently work with children and we begin to change the way they think about and resolve their problems.

In addition to play therapy, I also use sand tray therapy. This is a form of expressive therapy where an individual constructs his or her world in a sand tray, using miniature toys. The beauty of this practice is it is not necessary to use words. My clients love it. I use this practice with teens, adults and family groups, as well as children.